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Open to anyone who lives, works, worships, or
attends school in Tuscaloosa or Sumter Counties.

Convenience Services

Never stand in line again waiting to deposit your check. With direct deposit, your check is automatically deposited into the Tuscaloosa VA Federal Credit Union account of your choice.  It’s convenient, fast - and best of all…it’s FREE!

To activate Direct​ Deposit:

  • Paychecks –  Ask your employer about Direct Deposit today.  You can have your entire paycheck deposited and Tuscaloosa VA Federal Credit Union can split your deposit among your checking, savings, loan or any account you choose!  Just let us know once your deposit has been set up.
  • Social Security or SSI Checks - Visit Go Direct Online.

Tips for setting up Dir​ect Deposit:

  • Tuscaloosa VA Federal Credit Union’s ABA/Routing number: 262277273 
  • Enter Member Number
  • Choose either box "Savings" or "Checking"

Tips for Payroll Deduction/Automatic Transfers in conjunction with Direct Deposit:

Payroll Deductions/Automatic Transfers allow you to automatically allocate a fixed dollar amount to one or more eligible Credit Union accounts.  Allocations are the ideal way to help manage your money.

  • Never have to worry about remembering to make your loan payment.  You can make your payments weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  You choose!
  • Want to start an automatic savings plan, set up a Christmas Club, a Vacation Savings account, a Tax account, automatic transfers to your child or grandchild, etc., then set up an automatic transfer and relax.
  • For set-up or questions call the credit union at (205) 556-7819, Option 2 and speak with a Member Service Representative. They will be glad to assist you!

If you have a debit card, you have probably been asked “debit or credit?”  No matter how you respond to the question, the purchase will be deducted from your checking account.

What is the difference?

If you choose "debit" at the register, the transaction is processed through the ATM network, you must use a personal identification number (PIN) and you may be charged an ATM transaction fee. 

If you choose credit at the register, the transaction is processed through the MasterCard® network and you will be required to sign a receipt. By pressing credit, your card will work wherever you see the Mastercard logo (worldwide). Remember that funds will be taken from your checking account even if you say credit.

Which is better to use?

For better protection, to help both you and Tuscaloosa VA Federal Credit Union, always choose credit and sign for your purchase.  This helps keep costs down and we pass the savings to you.  Mastercard® transactions are more efficient and less costly than ATM transactions.  Also, by choosing credit, your purchases are protected by Mastercard.  This gives you certain protections against merchant violations.

Our Tuscaloosa VA Federal Credit Union Mastercard Check Card gives you the convenience of a check with full ATM Access!  It’s a safe, simple, and convenient alternative to carrying a checkbook or cash. Present the Mastercard Check Card and your purchase will be deducted directly from your Checking Account.  There's no interest to pay, and you will enjoy immediate approval at the register. In addition, for cash-on-the-run, use your Mastercard Check Card at any Tuscaloosa VA Federal Credit Union-owned ATM for instant cash with no fee.

Benefits of the Check Card:

  • Save money…No more paying for checks…no checkbook to carry
  • No monthly or annual fee
  • No minimum balance required
  • Easy to use—more readily accepted than checks(especially out of state or in another country)
  • Great for travel—frees you from carrying large amounts of cash.
  • Purchases are deducted from your checking account (not applied against a credit card)
  • No finance charges
  • ATM access worldwide
  • Use it for purchases (with your pin) at participating merchants and get cash back, avoiding ATM fees and surcharges
  • Easy record keeping (your purchases show up in detail on your monthly checking account statement)
  • Daily purchase limits for your protection

Some qualifications apply. E-mail us at, or contact a Member Service Representative at 205-556-7819 Option 2 for more information.

For lost/stolen MasterCard Debit cards, please call (800) 264-5578.

(855) 327-8904

Don’t have access to a computer?  No problem...

VA Automated Teller is our audio-response system that lets you access your Tuscaloosa VA Federal Credit Union account from any touch-tone telephone.  It’s available practically 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can be accessed from anywhere in the continental United States by touch-tone telephone.  It’s convenient and it’s FREE.

What Can VA Automated Teller Do?

You can make inquiries to all types of share accounts including regular shares, share drafts, share certificates, and IRAs.

You can also access detailed transaction information for drafts, ATM and debit card transactions, other electronic transactions, deposits, and miscellaneous transactions.

Frequent Transactions Include:

Share draft inquiry on individual checks by check number or amount

  • Share draft inquiry on last checks cleared
  • IRA account information includes contributions, distributions, and tax information
  • Loan balance inquiry on automobile, line of credit, in-house mortgages and other loans
  • Share withdrawal via check on primary accounts (either mailed or picked up by member at branch)
  • Share transfers within your own account or a pre-approved list of accounts
  • Credit card payments from primary account
  • Current year and prior year tax information on all shares, loans, and credit cards
  • Place stop payments against share drafts
  • Inquiry for stop payments against share drafts
  • Request applications and forms to be sent to member's home
  • Credit union information including hours, branches, rates, and other membership information

How to Sign Up?

Please call (205) 556-7819 to set up your VA Automated Teller.   If you have access to a computer, be sure to check out Teller@home, our secure online branch service.