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Open to anyone who lives, works, worships, or
attends school in Tuscaloosa or Sumter Counties.


Watch your money grow at Tuscaloosa VA Federal Credit Union! If you have not yet started to save, today is a great day to start.  We offer a great selection of savings, certificates, money market accounts, and more!  Your money is always safe at Tuscaloosa VA Federal Credit Union.

A Regular Share Savings account is the foundation of your credit union membership.  By opening a Regular Share account, you become a member and shareholder of Tuscaloosa VA Federal Credit Union. The funds that you deposit into your savings will earn competitive dividends which are paid quarterly.

We also offer a variety of other Special Savings, Certificates and Money Market accounts.  Diversifying your funds will help protect you from the ups and downs of the economic environment.  Take advantage of our various savings accounts today.

Industry experts also say that it is wise to maintain at least six (6) months of your salary in an Emergency Fund. Let Tuscaloosa VA Federal Credit Union personalize that for you today.

Regular Savings

Membership begins with a Minimum $5 Share Savings account.

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Money Market

Take advantage of higher rates without having to commit for a specific term.

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A minimum deposit of $500 is required to open a Money Market Account.  Most other financial institutions require much more and dividends are usually tiered.  Our Money Markets pay the full dividend on your entire balance.

Special Savings

Saving for Christmas, a vacation, a hobby, or just need the security of an Emergency Fund?  Personalize your Special Savings account today.


  • My Cruise Account
  • Anna's Venice Account
  • Joe's Tax Account
  • Anna's Wacky Fund Account


For qualified Low-Income members who are ready to build assets and increase their wealth.

For Young Members

Kids Savers accounts are a great way that children can learn to save.

Notice: Federal Law, through Regulation D, places a monthly limit (six) on electronic debits and remote transfers from savings accounts. Therefore, WE DO NOT recommend using savings for electronic debits.

Federal Regulation D, limits the number of times you can transfer funds from your savings account (regular savings, special savings accounts, Money Market, etc.) to a checking account or other third party, via telephonic instructions or bill payment debits. These transfers include any made through the telephone, VA Automated Teller (audio response), Teller@home (online branch), and ACH (direct debits).

This regulation also includes transfers made due to overdraft protection agreements.

Specifically, you are limited to a combined total of six (6) savings transfers or debits made through the above mentioned delivery channels each calendar month.  The limits do not apply to visits to a branch office or use of an ATM to make a transfer.