Fraud Alerts

Checks and Money Orders

We have been notified of an increasing number of fraudulent checks and money  orders in our community.  For your protection, it may now be necessary to place  a funds available holds on these items.  Tuscaloosa VA FCU is committed to  safeguarding your account to help protect you.  If you are in need of immediate  access to your money, contact the credit union for information on wire-transfer  instructions or other ways we may assist you.  Thank you for your patience and  cooperation.

Credit and Debit Cards

The credit union has received alerts concerning numerous fraudulent credit and  debit card transactions in our area from other countries.  Please review your  account and credit card statements closely for transactions you do not recognize  and report them immediately.  If you have not already done so sign up for Teller@home and to view your account history 24/7.