Overdraft Protection Loan

Tuscaloosa VA FCU offers an Overdraft Protection Line-of-Credit (loan) for your checking account. This line-of-credit loan protects you from costly mistakes such as mathematical errors when balancing your account or failing to record a check or ATM withdrawal. Overdraft protection loan provides peace of mind. Your overdraft protection will transfer funds when needed, providing worry-free checking. 

The loan is a line-of-credit available as you need it.  You do not owe anything until you advance the loan. There are no restrictions on number of transfers.  The monthly payment is $50 and is due on the 25th of each month which is automatically deducted from your checking account.

Apply online 24-hours/7 days!

Or, call (205) 556-7819 during normal business hours. Or, visit any of our branches.

We strongly endorse using a line-of-credit as your primary means of overdraft protection due to Federal Reserve restrictions on savings account transfers.